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User Guide: Flag TradeFinder

TradeFinder Flags

Flag TradeFinder

Search for stocks that are forming great flag patterns.

  1. Chart Pattern Filter: In this section you can choose between bull and bear flags, and also if the stocks are trending.
  2. Market Filter: Here you can select the country you want to trade
  3. Stock Filters: Screen for stocks as with the following attributes.
    • Last Price Range
    • Average Daily Volume
    • Volume Consolidation Pattern
    • Exclude Earnings
  4. Options Filter: Here's where you can screen for options-related attributes of the stocks. This is only enabled for US stocks.
  5. Trading Filter: Filter for spread-bettable stocks (for non US traders).
  6. Controls: Create settings to save, load and receive the results of your favored criteria by email any night of the week you choose.
  7. Results: Once you have selected your criteria for stocks and options, select your preferred sort preferences. Then click the Search button to find Flag trades according to your preferences.
  8. This table contains the results of your filters. You can mouse over each piece of data to view more information and click on to reveal more details about the stock.
    Each icon here represents a detail of your chosen filters. Hover your mouse over each icon for more details. Most of the icons can be clicked and will take you to appropriate link pages for more information.
  9. A summary of the icons within the results table.
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