Flag Tutorial

Start with the Introduction and work your way through to mastering all the basics you need for trading Flags.

  Introduction to Flag Trading
  • Introduction to Flag-Trader
  • Flag Patterns
  • Trending Stocks
  • Finding Flags and Trending Stocks

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Finding Flags and Trending Stocks

We obviously can't disclose the algorithms we created to find these types of stocks, but I can tell you that they are neither based on fundamental criteria nor moving averages of price action.

What I can tell you is that our algorithms discover trending stocks relentlessly, every day, every week, every month and every year. All you need to do is choose the one you like the most, subject to your own filter criteria. Choose the best flag pattern, or simply play the trendline itself. It's up to you.

When the markets are generally trending down, there are likely to be few up-trending stocks and vice versa. Typically, whatever the general trend of the market, you want to trade in the same direction until the trendline is broken. By trading in this way, you're being responsive to a potential change in direction, but you're not trading so tight that you'd be whipsawed out of a profitable position.

Intelligent Stops

On the subject of stop placement, I've heard many speakers who spout the expression "Use tight stops". Tight stops mean, in the real world, that you'll be stopped out because your order can be seen in the market. Stop orders need to be placed intelligently, not too tightly. If your sell stop is only a cent below you buy order, then it's highly likely you'll be stopped out, hence making both a loss on the stock and commissions.


Flag-Trader finds trending stocks, up or down, over multiple time frames. We already appreciate that you'll be more successful when you trade trending stocks. We already appreciate that you'll be able to create a trading plan for those trending stocks and flag patterns. Now all you need to get started is Flag-Trader, so you can find those flags and trending stocks in the first place!

To get started now, click here for access to Flag-Trader, where you can source flag stocks and filter for those that suit your trading aspirations the best. It's ultimately your choice, but we give you the best possible head start. History demonstrates that trading with the trend together with specific chart patterns, yields investors the highest returns. Now it's your turn to take this opportunity and start trading with the trend and see your account grow.

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